One(ish) Second (almost) Everyday (take 2)

Last year was my first with the One Second Everyday (1SE) app. Remembering to take a video clip each day is still a challenge for me, especially during very busy seasons. It is worth it though, especially when I go back and review my year in video form.

2019 brought with it:

  • Lots of hikes!
  • Cory learning to play the piano (seen above at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Laurent House in Rockford, IL)
  • Puzzles
  • Lots of art
  • A trip to Orlando for Cory’s birthday
  • A trip to Kentucky with AAF-Akron
  • Nick Cave at the Akron Art Museum
  • A Playstation VR
  • New houses for family and friends
  • Lots of birthday cake
  • Cory’s first trip to MADD camp
  • Flamingodon!
  • Seeing Brian Wilson perform Pet Sounds with the Cleveland Orchestra
  • Having a Chinese roommate for a few months
  • A trip to Lake Geneva, WI and Rockford, IL with my parents
  • Cheering on many friends (and my sister-in-law!) in the Akron Marathon
  • New Windows!
  • And many other celebrations, meals and adventures

Which moments stood out most for you in 2019?


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