One(ish) Second (almost) Everyday (take 3)

2020 marked my third year using the One Second Everyday (1SE) app. What started out as a fun way to document memorable moments turned into a meditative and at times overwhelming act during 2020.

In years past I included a list highlighting things from the video, but for 2020 that seems like it would mostly be a list of identifying zoom calls and reasons why hallways and parking lots are empty… I have so much I could say about how 2020 impacted me emotionally, physically and spiritually — but I’ll just leave that content in my paper journals.

There was a lot of loss in my circle this year, as I know was the case for many. I feel like I don’t know how to process loss in this context; it’s making the denial phase drag on in a very uncomfortable way… grief is never easy, but it’s exceptionally difficult when we are all relatively isolated while the entire world is going through a collective dissonance.

In 2021 I am taking a step back from social media (facebook, mostly). I plan to instead try and post at least once each month here. I probably won’t really “promote” these posts; I just like having something to look back at over the course of time — which is probably why I like to make these videos each year.

Anyway, if you are in the video above I am so glad I got to see you in any capacity at all this year. For some of you, that wouldn’t have been possible without the widespread use of tools like Zoom. For others, I am so grateful that we got to spend time together last winter before everything changed. If you aren’t in the video but should have been, know that I miss you terribly and I cannot wait to spend time with you again in the future.


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