About Melissa

icatchfoxes is the creative pseudonym of me, Melissa S. Olson: Designer, Illustrator, Photographer and Writer.

I’m working on migrating my website to this new platform, but I’m a little distracted with working on building a market in Downtown Akron and being really, really into Gilmore Girls.

You can find my current portfolio site at icatchfoxes.com.

I graduated with honors from The University of Akron with a BFA in Graphic Design and Photography in 2010.

My day job is to design and format editorial layout, illustration and photography for a university magazine which goes to alumni, donors and friends of one of the largest universities in Ohio.

I am currently based out of Akron, Ohio, where I live with my husband, Cory, and our two feline companions: BMO & Novella. I’m available for freelance, events & commission in all parts of the world. Questions, limericks, greetings, fugues and requests for freelance can be delivered via electronic correspondence to melissa [at] icatchfoxes.com. For your convenience (should you prefer more traditional methods of communication) most carrier pigeons know where to find me.


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