Days of brutalism and hairpin turns

Things seem to be easier to manage (in other words: control) when I can create a routine to follow. Writing things down also helps.

Having the opportunity to generate poetry each day with the accountability of a fairly large group of constituents has so far (after 3 days) been a wonderful addition to my routine. I have been surprised by the amount of emotion that has come from this process, although that seems silly. Of course writing poetry will be emotional. I suppose I’ve just been hiding things away in dark corners and waiting until I had time to pick them up and examine them. Poetry will pull out a search light and find all those dark corners from day one, apparently.

This phenomenon may be amplified by the fact that The National released their eighth album I Am Easy to Find on May 17. With each new release from this band, I am floored with how intensely their songs strike me. Additionally, this album marked the collaboration on a short film with director Mike Mills. The album alone would have had a lasting impact on me, but the addition of this film experience alongside the music—I found this to be one of the most stirring albums of recent memory.

In my visual art, I always found it difficult to move away from the referential approach. The idea being that in order to process things that opened my eyes, I had to open my eyes further and let things come back out, in a way. Whatever I was looking at during a period of working will always be evident in the new work… it’s impossible for me to erase those kinds of impressions. They’re reflected/refracted through a new lens.

It seems that I will carry this tenancy into my writing of poetry. Echoes of Berninger, Besser and Mills will be easy to find (pun only sort of intended… at least in this case it’s an appropriate use).

Vulnerability feels safer in visual art than in the context of writing. Somehow words just carry more weight and seem to be more easily manipulated by the audience/reader. Maybe that’s just my low-grade persistent fear rearing it’s ugly head?

“There’s never really any safety in it.”

Watch the trailer for I Am Easy to Find:


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