Visalia Transit Trolley Illustration

This illustration was created in 2011 as part of the anniversary celebration for Visalia Transit in Visalia, California. Done for Archer & Hound (formerly Multi Marketing Corp) Creative Director: Aaron Coyne Accounts: Jessica Blanchfield This piece won a Silver ADDY; AAF-Fresno 2012.

My 30th Birthday: Retro Prom

I used to throw really elaborately planned, multi-location birthday parties. Every. Single. Year. I love celebrating my birthday. Based on parties I've had in the past, you might think it was going to be my last big blow out. They're a really big deal for me. I've always thought it was unfortunate that most people... Continue Reading →

Heavy Rotation: February 2017

In 2017, I've decided to make a monthly playlist, including my favorite new songs alongside whatever standbys make it into my ears the most often in the given month. Each month I will post the playlist from Spotify and give you some highlights from the songs included. I love talking music and getting recommendations, so feel... Continue Reading →

Coffee & TV: Halloween 2016

Cory and I love Blur, so when he asked if I would want to be the milk cartons from the classic 1999 music video for Coffee & TV, my answer was a resounding "yes!" However, after agreeing I realized I wouldn't be much help in creating much of anything before halloween. I became quite busy doing research and... Continue Reading →

2015 Christmas Cards

Our Christmas cards for 2015 are starting to arrive in the mail... Here's hoping you have a lovely Christmas and a joy-filled new year! Thank you for being a part of my life, much love to you this season! Illustration by Melissa Olson Words by Cory Michael Sheldon (appeared on back of card): Rockin around... Continue Reading →

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