One(ish) Second (almost) Everyday (take 5)

2022 marked my fifth (what?!) year using the One Second Everyday (1SE) app. It feels like it can’t possibly have been that long, but I also feel like I’ve always done this. Taking little video clips at events along with my stills has become second nature.

My friend Susan had our study group reflect back on the year month-by-month earlier this week, so I decided to include my list of highlights this year by month.

Highlights from 2022, by month (most are highlighted somewhere in the 1.5 second clips):

    • Cafe Arnone for pizza and cocktails
    • Dinners at Square Scullery
    • Weird filters and silly videos on Instagram Reels (I still haven’t caved and don’t plan on downloading TikTok.)
    • Quaker Square several times for COVID testing. (always negative)
    • Lots of Beat Saber
    • Greek Church Lunches
    • Luigi’s Pizzas
    • Hammock lounging
    • TV Rewatches in 2022: The Great British Baking Show, Friends, The Office.
  • JANUARY 2022
    • Seuil Chung‘s solo show in the projects gallery
    • My dad ran a half marathon and my brother, sister-in-law and their friend Robbie ran a full marathon in Orlando
    • We got A LOT of snow.
    • I’m talkin’ A-LOT-a-lot.
    • Special lunch with Caleb & Sarah (see first bullet point in September for why…)
    • Double date with the Heindels for Cory’s birthday
  • FEBRUARY 2022
    • More snow…
    • The Myers School of Art Juried Student Show was fantastic this year; Cory helped install.
    • Lunar New Year at the Hellers
    • Winter Hikes were plentiful, but very slippery because of all the snow.
    • 2022 American Advertising Awards (ADDYs)—as a member of the audience!
    • We celebrated my birthday at Belltower Brewing with Cinnamon & John AND with dinner at home with Sydnie and John. My dad also knitted me a beautiful blanket.
  • MARCH 2022
    • Novella always being cute and cozy
    • So much wind and a little bit of water intrusion in our sunken living room.
    • Ellie and Wes visited me at recruiting events a few times!
    • Floco Torres with the Canton Symphony.
    • Akron went to NCAA East. It was fun to see the little script “Akron” in the corner of the screen.
    • Tiger the Adventure Cat time!
    • We went to the Buddhist baby blessing of our neighbor’s new son.
  • APRIL 2022
    • It snowed again… more than once.
    • First ever Myers Design vs. Studio Dodgeball Tournament
    • Beautiful Senior Exhibitions of many beloved students
    • Went roller skating in my Moxi Rainbow Riders for Skyla’s birthday
  • MAY 2022
    • Cory had Paula Deen’s cardboard cutout try some imaginary soup.
    • Mary Lou rescued a bunny.
  • JUNE 2022
    • I found Van Leeuwen‘s Grey Poupon ice cream after a wild goose chase to several local Walmart Super Centers.
    • I loved the ice cream, Jackie did not. We are still friends.
    • I got to meet my new colleague PJ. He also enjoys the Grey Poupon ice cream.
    • I finally got to see a Florence Y’alls game with my friend Nick.
    • Sydnie and I spent time in Richmond with camp friends, including our new friend Bucky.
    • Cory successfully began hand-feeding peanuts to the chipmunks in our yard. We named one of them “Chippy.”
    • Arnie won a well-deserved award and it was lovely to celebrate him with so many friends.
    • Went “to da beach!” — as is tradition
    • Saw several pods of dolphins swim up the coast.
  • JULY 2022
  • AUGUST 2022
    • Attended Heinz Poll in Firestone Park.
    • Took a tour of the Hieronymus Objects collection and gardens with Cory.
    • Got new glasses with Thirsty Night Hag art by my friend Steph Neary.
    • Celebrated Aaron’s birthday at a gin joint.
    • Met our new friend Hugo Juarez as he joined the faculty as a visiting professor for the year.
    • Jacqueline & Johnny got married!
    • Cory and I celebrated 5 years of marriage!
    • We had lots of hummingbird visitors to our feeder and flowers this year
  • SEPTEMBER 2022
    • We got to meet baby Knox when he was just 7 days old.
    • Another mystery pumpkin started growing amongst our flowers.
    • Walter K. Delbridge did a reading at E.J. Thomas along with a Jazz performance.
    • Attended the dedication of the Rob Lucas lobby at The Nightlight
    • Alex visited from Denmark
  • OCTOBER 2022
    • Brought pie to a celebration for our friend Neil.
    • Went shopping for more plants with Jackie.
    • Rode in Trails n’ Rails with Cory and my dad. My brother, sister-in-law, and mom walked.
    • Got a new Samsung Bespoke refrigerator.
    • Chandler visited from Oregon.
    • Second-ever Myers Design vs. Studio Dodgeball Tournament
    • Autumn won an award from AAF-Akron and my time as Board Chair came to an end.
    • McDonalds. Halloween. Boo. Buckets.
    • My dad bought me a bottle of Blanton’s!!!
    • Maddie made me into a scarecrow… along with Kate, PJ, McKenzie, Arnie, and Janice.
    • Cory and I dressed up as characters from Terry Pratchet’s Discworld (Tiffany Aching & Death)
  • NOVEMBER 2022
    • Fall portfolio day & open house.
    • Celebrated Lauren’s birthday with a Trader Joe’s trip, group dinner, Jeni’s ice cream, and cocktails.
    • Visited Oahu, Hawaii with my parents and it was LOVELY.
    • Had a meal at an amazing Izykaia — my parents even tried Takoyaki!
    • Time with our amazing friend and tour guide Whitney Tatko
    • Thanksgiving with both sides of the family
    • Dinner with old friends
  • DECEMBER 2022
    • Arnie lost a shirt he loved
    • Orchestra at Baldwin Wallace
    • Stan Hywet Deck the Halls
    • Portal West Coffee
    • So many Christmas movies
    • Cantana & Tea Time with my family
    • Cookie Party sing along
    • Christmas Eve with both sides of the family
    • Christmas Day at home with Loco Moco
    • Started building the Home Alone LEGO & found a place of honor for Marcel to live in our house

2022 felt exceptionally long, but in a good and surprising way. I didn’t watch my recap video until the last few days of the year and it felt like much of the early clips were from years ago. I forgot so much of what happened in just a single year. It’s one of my favorite things about this practice: it helps me place moments in time more fully, to help me be more present without having the pressure to remember all the details.

As I always express, I am so thankful for everyone who is part of my life. I know 2023 holds many changes for me that are both exciting and a little intimidating. If you’re in this year’s video or not, even if we haven’t spoken in awhile, I’m so thankful for time others choose to share with me, no matter how often. It really is a small and beautiful world, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the next year changes me and what adventures I’ve yet to even think about. I’m so grateful. I hope 2022 held gentleness and kindness and that 2023 brings moments of delight for us all.

xo, melissa


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