One(ish) Second (almost) Everyday (take 4)

2021 marked my fourth year using the One Second Everyday (1SE) app. What started out as a fun way to keep track of memorable moments has morphed into a way to mark the passing of time that otherwise would be blurred by the ongoing struggle of anxiety and stress we all continually trudge through as the global pandemic continues.

In 2021, I decided I should get back to including a list of highlights from the year. There were still lots of empty hallways, zoom calls, and time spent at home, but we found ways to make the most of it and even got to do a bit of traveling!

Highlights from 2021, in no particular order (but highlighted somewhere in the 1.5 second clips):

  • Lots of Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  • Celebrating the Metro Parks 100th Anniversary with many hikes
  • Virtual BTS concert
  • Novella always being cute and cozy
  • Many masked birthday celebrations
  • Dad learning banjo
  • Vaccinations & Booster Shots
  • Lots of tasty meals
  • Snow in late April
  • Visiting Stan Hywet. A whole lot.
  • A trip to Cinncinatti to see Union Terminal and a Cardinals/Giants game with my parents
  • I started Roller Skating and bought some very cute rainbow skates from Moxi
  • I got sunburned in North Carolina and fell at the skating rink
  • Visitors from Denmark (Jeg kan ikke overskue det!)
  • Amtrak trip on the California Zephyr in a sleeper car to visit San Francisco
  • We hiked with Ben & Finn on cliffs and very tall hills
  • We met Bart Hopkin and got a tour of his amazing studio
  • Our return trip was delayed by mudslides in Colorado
  • We got to spend more time with Ben & Finn
  • We visited Saulsilito
  • On our train trip back we heard “Don’t even go there, Maria” from our neighbors at least hourly
  • We celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary
  • We once again cheered on the Akron Marathon
  • I had dinner with my friend Suzanne when she was in town for the Rock Hall Inductions
  • Visitors from New Zealand
  • Lots of COVID screenings
  • Thanksgiving with family again!
  • Went to Lexington, KY to hear “SOCKS!” performed by JD McPherson and his band

This year felt both endless and too quick. I didn’t watch this video in full until today, and looking back it made me realize we are striving to make the best of things in all this uncertainty. If we keep at this pace, we will surely exhaust ourselves, so I’m all for starting out the new year slowly and with intention.

In 2021 I said I was scaling back my use of social media, which was true only of Facebook (I spent way too much time on Instagram). I also said I would post here more, which unsurprisingly didn’t happen.

Instead of promising something like that again, I’ll just say I’ve been happy to make these videos as a way to remember and to see how things are changing each year. I have enjoyed trying to focus on the things at hand rather than reflect too much on the past or daydream too much about the future. This simple approach is difficult for me and I’m proud of the progress I’m making to stay present here, now.

I do want to tell you: thank you for being part of my life. If you’re in the video or not, if we’ve spoken in the past year or not, I really am thankful for all the stories of people I’ve gotten to hear and be part of… so many interesting, kind, and wonderful people have crossed my path at one time or another and I’m so grateful. I hope your year had some bright spots and that 2022 is gentle for us all.


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