One(ish) Second (almost) Everyday

In February 2018 I caved and installed the One Second Everyday (1SE) app. Remembering to take a video clip each day was a pretty hard habit for me to form (hence all the cats).

This video makes it look I eat tons of pizza and sushi and drink a LOT of beer. I guess that’s not too far from reality… but there were a lot more cats than this video would have you believe.

2018 brought with it:

  • My delayed honeymoon to Gatlinburg, Tennesee with my husband Cory
  • A career change (read more about my time working on Kent State Magazine)
  • FINALLY getting to see Jimmy Eat World (around the 4:37 mark)
  • Several home and garden projects (you can see one of my first Dahlia’s around the 5:40 mark)
  • Several friend’s weddings
  • A trip to Frankenmuth, Michigan with my parents
  • And many other celebrations, meals and adventures

I love this method of documenting my year, I just need to get better at remembering to actually film things when I want to remember them *without* having it interfere with trying to be present in the moment.

What ways have you found bring you joy in looking back to remember the past year?


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