Heavy Rotation: Q1 2018

I warned you I would be changing the way I post these playlists. Monthly was too quick, and I hardly had time to consider what songs I really liked and what was just noise.

That’s not to say this playlist is noise-free. (If you’ve ever ridden in a car with me, you’d know I like my fair share of noise.)

Some great stuff in the first three months from The Decemberists, Dream Wife, Wye Oak, Sucre, Damien Jurado and Crumb… plus so many more.

Be More Kind

Instead of doing an in-depth dive for these playlists, I’m mostly going to just present them as they are and comment on one song in particular that has been on my mind since I heard it.

This quarter that song is “Be More Kind” by Frank Turner. This is the song we need right now. All of us. I hope we hear Frank’s very important message:

You should know you’re not alone
And trouble comes, and trouble goes
How this ends, no one knows
So hold on tight when the wind blows

The wind blew both of us to sand and sea
And where the dry land stands is hard to say
As the current drags us by the shore
We can no longer say for sure
Who’s drowning, or if they can be saved

And when you’re out there floundering
Like a lighthouse I will shine
Be more kind, my friends, try to be more kind

Cheers, my friends.


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