Heavy Rotation: October 2017

October’s playlist has a few songs that got me feeling ready for Halloween… among new releases and songs that just don’t seem to get old…

Features this month:

Tune Yards

My first introduction to Tune Yards was 2011’s W H O K I L L, with the single “Bizness.”

The song on this playlist “Look at Your Hands,” is probably my new favorite workout song. It didn’t hit me at first, but as it’s gotten colder, this song has really helped keep my spirits up and get me motivated to move when all I want to do is hide under a pile of blankets. It’s the first single from their upcoming January 2018 album I can feel you creep into my private life, their first record since 2014.

I’m sure I will be including tracks from that record in one of my Heavy Rotation posts next year…

Oingo Boingo

(Yeah, yeah… I’m featuring an album released in 1985. I never said this would be exclusively new releases, did I?)

Weird Science holds a special place in my heart… I wouldn’t say it’s a traditional Halloween time tune for me, but I did hear it at work during a really amazing grand opening party for the new Science building at the University where I work. Whoever made the wonderfully topical playlist deserves some sort of special award or bonus… I heard this Oingo Boingo classic 3 times in my 2 hours at the event, along with classics like Tom Lehrer’s “The Elements” and Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded Me with Science.”

Wye Oak

I’ve been an avid fan of Wye Oak since my first listen to “For Prayer” from the duo’s 2009 release, The Knot (Merge Records). Since then, they’ve taken a few turns and made creative decisions that have kept their sound fresh and surprising.

“Spiral” comes from a 7″ single released September 22, 2017. It took me until October to get to listening to this and the B-Side, but I was pleasantly surprised. Wye Oak’s 2016 release Tween was pretty good, but lacked the real stand-out climactic jangling guitar leads from their past efforts.

I shouldn’t complain, as Wye Oak has been consistently releasing new music while on this trajectory filled with transition… I’m excited to see where they go next, and if the two singles released in September are any indication, it seems we’re in for some interesting twists along the way.

A few more songs to highlight on this month’s playlist:



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