On being the official photographer for a 1-year-old

My good friends had a baby in February 2016. It was a very exciting time, and they are very good at including their friends and family in their big life events. For example, when they came to our halloween party, Shala had a shirt that was airbrushed with the label from a Prego pasta sauce bottle, and Dan made her a tiny gold hat that had the due date on it (like on the safety lid of the bottle… it was adorable.)

They asked me to take maternity photos a few days before their due date, which coincided with one of the busiest weeks of my year. Luckily, it fit into all of our schedules before the baby arrived, but had I needed to put it off a few days, we would have missed our chance.

Kearsey Maternity

The baby turned out to be a little boy, and I was asked to take his newborn photos in the same room we did a majority of the maternity shoot.

He was not even a month old (actually, I don’t remember how old he was — possibly under 2 weeks) and he was already getting the star treatment.

Baby Kearsey: Newborn

I would get to know Luke very well over the course of a year, as I’ve been asked to photograph him on several occasions, most recently being for his first birthday.

It’s been really fun to watch Luke grow over the past year. I’m not even related to this kiddo, and looking at a photo of him from just after being born next to a photo of him at his first birthday makes me tear up a little. I’m just so happy for my friends who are raising such a spunky, curious little guy.

Luke's First Birthday

When we were over for dinner the other night, Luke crawled up and started playing with my hair and putting it on top of his head. Shala was surprised how much he was interacting with me, and I can only assume it’s because we have spent so much time together, me being his official photographer and all.

I hope I get more chances to work with families like this, it really is a great honor to be there for all the important milestones in a little ones life. I love being able to provide tangible memories, and charting the little changes that happen so so quickly as a baby grows.

Happy birthday, Luke. I hope your second year is even more amazing than your first!

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